OpsCaptain Documentaion

A platform to host applications and website of any size and scope on your own infrastructure.

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Who is OpsCaptain built for?

OpsCaptain is built for developers, agencies, startups, SaaS businesses and software professionals that need to manage multiple apps and websites running in independent containers on your own fleet of servers, whether, bare metal or a VPS from your cloud provider.

The platform allows you to provision independent containers with specified RAM, CPU, and replication factor. Containers can be scaled up and down and even migrated to different host machines at any time independently without any downtime to the app.

So simply anybody can use it

  • 1. Acquire servers

    OpsCaptain offers you the flexibility to procure VPS or Bare metal servers from cloud providers you trust or use your own data center. You can even use servers from multiple providers to enforce strict high availability requirements.

  • 2. Link your servers

    From the dashboard, provide your SSH credentials to your servers and OpsCaptain will setup a managed environment to deploy unlimited App containers and databases. You can add more servers at any time to scale deployments.

  • 3. Deploy & monitor

    From the dashboard or CLI, you can create, monitor and easily scale your deployments with ease. OpsCaptain supports most popular language runtimes. Apps are deployed and managed using OpsCaptain agent and Docker.