Hello from the OpsCaptain team

OpsCaptain Team — Feb, 05, 2018

We are pleased to announce OpsCaptain is now generally available. OpsCaptain provides the easiest way to host and manage multi-tenant apps and databases on your cloud servers.

Hosting modern apps today involves either using a traditional PaaS where you pay for each of your application instances which are typically abstracted as a container resource or building your own infrastructure on IaaS providers which often times fail to achieve production grade stability and quickly pivots engineers away from their core business. We are happy to introdce OpsCaptain which falls in the middle of the above two options. In simple terms, OpsCaptain provides you tools (A CLI, Dashboard, Container Manager, OpsCaptain Agent and Load Balancer) so you can deploy apps on the infrastructure of your choice. You only interact with the CLI and dashboard. All the other moving parts are completely abstracted.

How does OpsCaptain work?

OpsCaptain is very simple to use. Just acquire a server running Ubuntu version 16 and from the OpsCaptain dashboard or the API, provide access to this server by entering the IPv4 address, root user and password or private key.

OpsCaptain then takes it from there. Our automation tools configure OpsCaptain agent, OpsCaptain Load balancer, Docker and several images to allow you to effortlessly deploy applications together with MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases if required.

What value does OpsCaptain provide as compared to PaaS

Because OpsCaptain provides the flexibility to procure your own servers, you can save up to 70% on your hosting cost if you are currently using a PaaS. As the price of infrastructure drops yearly, so does your hosting cost.

Most PaaS providers never truly provide a deployment which is highly available and most are very careful not to advertise this feature because they all operate in one single data center per supported region. Compare this to OpsCaptain where you can buy servers in two data centers and deploy a truly highly available app that never goes down.

PaaS is merely decorated shared hosting. Take for example, Heroku the most popular option currently available. Heroku runs containers on VPS which is really a shared environment within another shared environment. This dramatically affects performance and you end up overpaying to achieve performance. With OpsCaptain you can achieve truly dedicated hosting on Bare metal without sacrificing any of the features provided by PaaS providers.

What value does OpsCaptain provide as compared to DIY

If your team is less than 500 members and you have a growing and thriving business, considering the DIY option is not the best route unless you are into building two companies at the same time; your Core business and a DevOps company.

Production grade automation that just works and doesn't get in the way of the developer takes years of experience to build and stabilize without always breaking. This is the value OpsCaptain brings to the table at an affordable price without compromising the flexibility your enigneers are used to. You own the servers and have OS level access. OpsCaptain simply provides you the automation tools to get the job done.

If your company builds a multi-tenant SaaS business, do not end up building a broken cloud company to support your core business. Because you do not pay for each app individually but a flat monthly fee for all your servers, you can easily build and maintain your multi-tenant business on OpsCaptain without the infrastructure automation and scaling burden which often require a lot of time.

We believe OpsCaptain will work for your business and you can get started with OpsCaptain today for free without providing any billing information. Simply create a free account and get started. Happy coding from the OpsCaptain team!