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1 GB RAM Container
FREE Git Integration
MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis Addons
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Deploy your app in seconds.

OpsCaptain provides a simple, reliable and smart cloud hosting platform as an alternative to Heroku. We serve more developers and deployments on our high performance cloud hosting platform than other platforms.

Git Deploy

Connect your repository from GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket and deploy app code.

By Uploading Project Folder

Zip or Tar archive your project folder and upload it from the dashboard UI.


Use a single command to deploy your applications. View CLI documentation.

Cloud Hosting Done Right.

We make sure your app or project is fast, secure & always up. Guaranteed!

Run any application

Build your apps with your favorite language or framework. We take care of the hosting for you.

Integrated MongoDB

The MongoDB offering is a core part of the platform. Your database is fully managed.

Database Addons

OpsCaptain also supports dedicated MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB instances running in a docker container.

Zero-downtime deployment

Deploy new builds of your website and application without any downtime.

Serverless platform

Zero-config deployments and zero server management.

Full logs

Application and HTTP logs are available for you to troubleshoot production issues.

Invite your team

Allow your team members shared access to apps you own on your personal account.


OpsCaptain supports buildpacks developed for Heroku and CloudFoundry allowing you to migrate without any trouble.

File storage

Store persistent files on SSD. You can manage your files easily from the dashboard.

Complete hosting platform

The platform is built on top of Docker, this means you are not just restricted to MongoDB, you can run Microsoft SQL Server Express edition, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis and many addons to come on OpsCaptain. What you can do on OpsCaptain is endless.

Languages and Frameworks

OpsCaptain supports all popular languages and frameworks using battle tested open source buildpacks. You can also use your own custom buildpack for deployments.


.NET Core


The only viable Heroku alternative period

Every month thousands of developers like yourself land on this page, searching for an alternative to Heroku. I hope to convince you with the reasons provided below, OpsCaptain is the only viable alternative to Heroku. Google search is plugged with a ton of useless blogs on this topic, great you made the wise choice and you are here. We provide for the most part the same core PaaS as Heroku for a fraction of the cost.

Both Heroku and OpsCaptain run containers and use open source buildpacks

Heroku runs what is called "Dynos" and OpsCaptain uses Docker containers. On Heroku your workloads run alongside other Heroku customers on AWS Servers (A shared environment within another shared environment). This type of multitenancy only benefits Heroku and not your app as the noisy neighbor problem is exacerbated in this case. Contrast this with OpsCaptain, we run your containers directly on bare metal servers instead of VPS servers.

Heroku restarts your "Dynos" every 24 hours or so, OpsCaptain never ever does. This makes Heroku unsuitable for workloads where applications aggresively caches data in memory for performance. Every single restart causes you to loose application state stored in memory. Is this really what you want?

OpsCaptain supports deployments via a CLI, connecting your GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket repository or uploading from the dashboard. Heroku as of this writing provides a CLI and also deployments via GitHub. Both platforms support the ability to specify arbitrary buildpacks to be used to build your applications as well as specifying multiple buildpacks for the build operation.

Cost, cost, cost!

It is not secret, this is most likely the main reason you are looking to switch from Heroku. Well i will too considering how overpriced Heroku is as compared to what you can get for the raw hardware. Heroku starts at $7 for a 512MB container which does not offer the critical zero downtime deployments feature. This is their hobby tier. On OpsCaptain, every deployment uses a 1GB container which offers zero downtime deployments and is priced at $7 and you get a free 1GB MongoDB database with that. You can compare the pricing for yourself. Heroku Pricing vs OpsCaptain Pricing.


Our friendly support team can help with any issues and concerns you may have on our forums. We are very active on the forums and do not hesitate to start a new thread for any issues you might face.